About Us

Hello and welcome to Become IPTV Reseller,

Who am I?

Hi, I am Kevin Clark, I work as a freelancer and I am also an Entrepreneur working on different topics for many years. Before becoming an Entrepreneur I used to do blogging on tech-related topics.

I am an enthusiast of tech and I love to write about different apps, new technologies, gadgets etc. This way I am also able to learn many new things and that is where I first learnt about an IPTV service.

Hearing about the IPTV for the first time make me curious and that’s when I start searching about it and learnt everything. Then I learnt that we can start our own business by purchasing a reseller panel.

After that, I purchased a panel and start my own business by promoting it on my other websites and even use Google Ads to give it a boost to see if people can buy or not.

Well! the results were just shocking as hundreds of people were purchasing the service that makes me really happy. Even though in a year I was able to earn around $100K as shown in the screenshot below.


Why I Create Become IPTV Reseller

This is one of my favourite topics where I want to talk the whole day but since nobody wants to listen to me that’s why I created this website so I can spread my words to others (Just Kidding :D).

Anyways the main reason behind creating this website is to help those who want to start their own IPTV business. Because when we search for any sort of guidelines on Google or other search engines we get fewer results.

This is the reason why many people who enter this business fails miserably because of no guidance and they even don’t know which reseller to choose or even how to start a business.

With the help of “Become IPTV Reseller”, I am going to offer my visitors all the information they need to know about IPTV and also write reviews about which is the best IPTV reseller too.