How Do IPTV Credits Work Reseller Complete Guide [2022]


Have you recently started your IPTV business or simply thought to start this business but you want to know how do IPTV credits work for resellers? If so then don’t worry I got your back, to learn everything just make sure to keep reading the article until the very end and don’t miss anything here.

When we search for how to become an IPTV reseller we always get to see the credit listed there. But unfortunately, no one has ever explained how it works because some providers offer more credits than the other provider at the same price.

That is the reason why I want you to stick with this article to get all your answers.

How Do IPTV Credits Work Reseller

Credit is in the Reseller panel is like a token that is used to purchase a monthly plan, which means if you purchase more than one month then the credits will be consumed accordingly. A reseller provides these credits to the customer where they can sell their IPTV service in a price tag of their choice.

There is no limitation over what price you can choose for your service, just use any of the prices and the credits will be consumed the same way as before. Once you run out of credits you will be asked to purchase more credits or else you won’t be able to create new accounts.

Each service provider comes with its own policy on how credits can be consumed like many resellers consume only 0.1 credit for a monthly subscription.

Similarly, there are various resellers like Geo IPTV that consume 1 credit for each monthly subscription and that is why they offer more credits.

Some new reseller offers their new customers a discount where they consume fewer credits than regular. For instance, if your provider is offering a deal then you can sell a yearly plan for about 8 to 9 credits where you can save 3 or 4 credits to buy a monthly plan and to earn more money.

This is probably just a promo so don’t just stick with it as once they run out of the budget they would probably increase the price and consume credit like before.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the IPTV reseller credits will never expire. This means you can keep it as long as you want without worrying about the expiration date.

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