How You Can Buy IPTV Reseller Panel in 2022


Starting an IPTV business is not easy as many people think, because you need to know many things like learning how credit works, how you can Buy IPTV Reseller Panel and so on.

There are a lot of questions that many people have in their mind but when search it online they find no result that makes them a little bit disappointed.

This is the reason why some people just give up on their business without even starting it. But don’t worry as here you will be provided with a complete instructions guide to purchase panel from a reseller.

It is an important article so if you are a newbie then make sure you stick with it until the end or otherwise you will miss some important instructions and end up having some problems too.

How You Can Buy IPTV Reseller Panel

The first step of purchasing a reseller panel from any provider just make sure to know what kind of payment methods they are accepting. It is because if you every reseller uses different payment gateway and suppose you have balance in PayPal but the provider is not accepting it then you will probably face problem.

In some cases most panel providers doesn’t show all the payment methods and that’s where you need to contact them and them if they can accept your payment. I am definitely sure that you will get a reply from them as they will make an exception for you and will provide a new gateway.

Once you are done with this step then you will be required to choose the plan, and it is recommended to go for the basic one because you will get an idea whether you are going to work with them permanently or not.

After choosing a plan they will ask to insert your details like City Name, Address, Email, Full name and other necessary information that you need to fill there.

When that step is completed you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you can choose different method (if they have) and then enter your details like credit card or purchase through PayPal too.

Once everything is complete along with your payment then you will receive your IPTV panel details through the email you used to register and will be provided with a tutorial too.

In some cases your provider might not be able to offer you a tutorial and therefore you can simply contact them and ask for the help so they can tell you how to setup the panel for the first time.

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