Should You Purchase IPTV From a Reseller?

Now, to answer the question of why one should buy their IPTV subscription service from a reseller instead of directly through the IPTV provider which may even cost a user less, we need to look for the limitations a customer might face if they choose to deal directly with the company and the utility an IPTV reseller might have.

These limitations may be related to payment or Customer services which can be mitigated through an IPTV reseller. I am going to explain both of them down below.

First and foremost, the first limitation a customer may face might be payment related. They may have the funds and the will to buy an IPTV subscription, however, due to outdated banking infrastructure in some countries or not being familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency or its non-acceptability, a buyer may not be able to buy the said subscription.

Should You Purchase IPTV From a Reseller?

A reseller, on the other hand, may allow them to purchase the IPTV subscription using their preferred payment method and allow them to renew their subscription again and again.

This is one of the biggest utilities to buy an IPTV subscription from a reseller and there are many people who were compelled to do so just because of this issue.

Another limitation a first-party seller may have is their customer service. We have seen many IPTV providers not being able to provide consistent and quick customer service to their customers which have become a bane for some people.

IPTV resellers on the other hand are quick to respond to any customer complaints and try to solve any or all issues that may arise. Sometimes IPTV resellers have a backup IPTV service that gives consistent service to their customer when the primary server goes down.

So, IPTV resellers usually have better customer service than their first-party partners.

If you are a customer and are sure that you are not going to face limitations like this, then I encourage you to buy your IPTV directly from the first party which will be cheaper than the third party reseller,

however, if you do face problems like the one I have mentioned above, then I believe buying from a third party reseller is the best course of action for you.

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